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3 Reasons to hire a boat with skipper in Ibiza

Boat rental with skipper in Ibiza

One of the most coveted and exciting plans for the summer is to hire a boat with skipper in Ibiza and explore the most beautiful coves on the island. However, people sometimes doubt if they should hire a speedboat that doesn’t need a skipper or should rather hire one with skipper. Read on to find out 3 reasons to rule out small boats that don’t need qualifications and go for the safer option by sailing with an expert.

Why hire a boat with skipper in Ibiza?

Sailing along the coast of Ibiza is one of the most satisfactory experiences available on the island as long as you’re in expert hands. This is why we think it’s important to read the 3 reasons you should hire a safe trip with skipper:

  1. The sea can be tricky

Hiring a boat requires basic sailing skills, from handling the anchor to knowing if the wind and swell are changing. You can hire small 4-people speedboats in Ibiza that don’t require sailing qualifications or prior sailing expertise and seem easy to handle at first glance. However, Ibiza’s coast, as on all other islands, often takes us by surprise and can get inexperienced sailors into trouble, like the wind changing direction and leaving you stranded or rocky bottoms that will trap the anchor and stop you from weighing it. This is why our first recommendation is obvious: for safe sailing in Ibiza, hire a boat with skipper.

sb hire boat Ibiza skipper 4 Safe sailing in Ibiza. © Luanda Lopez

  1. Fully enjoy the experience

As you won’t be focusing on sailing the boat, you, your family and friends can fully enjoy the boat experience in such a stunning setting as is Ibiza’s coast. You can sunbathe, take pictures of beautiful fishing villages dotting the coast, drink a toast to the holidays, relish a snack, listen to music... And when the skipper drops anchor, your only concern will be spotting fish while snorkelling or diving into amazing crystal-clear waters in the most beautiful coves in Ibiza and Formentera.

boat ibiza skipper friends

  1. The best option for each day

The third reason we advise you to hire a boat with skipper in Ibiza is the experience and knowledge of our experts. The sea is not like the road: every day is different and it’s always best to set the course depending on the weather and sea conditions. Our skippers will always recommend the best route for your day out on a boat and the plan that best suits your interests: the sunset, a family trip, a trip to the south or the north, an outing to Formentera, diving, water sports... Trust the skipper’s judgement and fully enjoy your sailing experience.

sb hire boat skipper 3© Luanda Lopes

What are our boat trips with skipper in Ibiza?

Sunset Boats provides its mastercraft boats that can take up to 10 people. This is an excellent option to explore the coast of Ibiza with your friends, partner or family.

Our boat trips:

  • Half day cruise
  • Full cruise
  • Sunset cruise
  • Special packages and experiences

If you’d like to enjoy a safe boat trip along Ibiza’s coast, book a boat straight away with Sunset Boats Ibiza and make the most of your holidays on the White Island. We look forward to seeing you!


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