1. Legalities:
    All of Sunset Boats Ibiza boats have rental licenses, full insurance, and up-to-date taxes. Each vessel has
    comprehensive safety equipment. Sunset Boats Ibiza only works with qualified and professional crews.

    2. Booking of a vessel / Cruise
    CONFIRMED RESERVACION only becomes effective upon receipt of 100% of the total price.
    For a PRE RESERVACION of a cruise / boat, Sunset Boats Ibiza request minim 50% deposit of the total
    For bookings online the full amount is requested by automatic system. However we accept pre reservation
    of 50% deposit using the Code online 50%DEPOSIT on the promo code section.
    For other payment methods please contact our team directly.
    For full final payment of the outstanding balance, the payment should either be made at the time of
    booking or at the latest 10 DAYS before the scheduled charter date unless otherwise confirmed by email.
    Clients will only be allowed embark if the cruise is 100% paid.
    The lead client or individual making a charter booking will be asked to send in advance a photo or
    photocopy of their Passport details or identity card to comply with Spanish charter regulations. A rental
    contract with this T&C and a copy of ID Document attached is required to sign for all cruises and applies to
    the lead person attending the cruise personally.

    3. Methods of payment
    Payments are accepted in the following formats:
    Online: Bank transfer or payment link
    Last minute bookings on Ibiza - Credit card: Visa, Master Card or cash

    4. Fuel
    Fuel is included in the rental price for the charters described. Extra activities, fuel will be charged at the
    current rate. (normally 70€/h).

    5. Mooring Charges /changes

    Our boats are moored in the port of San Antonio, mooring costs for day charters are included in the price.
    Moorings outside the base port are not included in the price and will be subject to an extra charge.
    Boarding of guests can be done in the port of San Antonio or at the Savannah pontoon depending on the
    weather or Manager’s / Captain decision.

    6. Departure and Return Times

    Our cruises are designed to fit a certain timetable. Therefor, the departure time differs from each cruise,
    information which clients can find online or by contacting our team. To ensure safety our boats must return
    to the harbour before nightfall.

    7. State of the vessels and security

    All boats are new or nearly new and in perfect mechanical and cosmetic condition.
    Whilst on board, the captain has full authority for any decisions regarding the use of the vessel and in
    particular all aspects of safety.
    The boats are checked for damage before and after every charter and a log kept of relevant items.
    If any significant damage is done to the vessel or Sunset Boats Ibiza property due to negligence or failure to
    comply with instructions by our clients, we will have to make an appropriate charge.
    Smoking on board is strictly restricted to the aft swim platform ONLY. Any burn damage to internal
    upholstery will result in a charge for full replacement cost of the item as repair is not normally possible for
    such items.
    Drugs are NOT ALLOWED on board.
    Sunset Boats Ibiza takes no responsibility for any personal injury, loss or damage caused in any way during
    the charter and any associated activities. All boating or Watersport's activities involve an element of risk.
    Risks include injury, illness, death from drowning, exposure, sunburn, sunstroke or accident in addition to
    risk of loss or damage to personal property. Clients making any booking or participating in any Sunset Boats
    Ibiza cruise or activity are agreeing to all terms and conditions herein and take full personal responsibility for
    any injury or loss sustained and are advised strongly to check that their own personal insurance covers such

    8. Complimentary inclusions

    Sunset Boats Ibiza provides complimentary drinks: soft drinks, beer and cava. Please ask our staff about any
    special orders. No food may be taken on board which in the opinion of Sunset Boats Ibiza staff are likely to
    cause staining or other damage to any property. Lunch on board can be arranged with prior notice and will
    incur an extra charge. Please discuss the options available with our staff. It is not permitted to bring your
    own drinks on board.

    9. Restaurant Reservations

    Ask our staff to make table reservations on your behalf. The crew will remain on board to look after your
    belongings and the vessel.
    Is NOT Sunset Boats responsibility for restaurant / transport delays. Clients must be responsable for
    managing their own time. Our crew are authorise to take anchor and return to the harbour if the client doest
    not return to the boat at the agreed time.

    10. VERY IMPORTANT – Maximum Capacities

    In Spain the maximum capacity on board a boat or yacht, whatever its length, is:
    12 people maximum including the captain. Our boats are licensed for 10 guest plus captain.
    11. Groups of 11 or more
    Tandem option is available to accommodate up to 20 guests, subject to availability. Please discuss your
    needs with our staff members.

    11. Cancellations & Changes
    Deposits taken at time of booking are non-refundable, however deposits taken may be transferable to
    alternative bookings rescheduled within the same season up to 15 days prior to the booked charter date
    subject to availability. Sunset Boats Ibiza will make every effort to comply with client's request for changes
    up to the date of the cruise, but cannot guarantee availability. Cancellations made at least 15 DAYS PRIOR
    to the cruise date will be eligible for refund of 100% of the deposit / total paid.
    Outstanding balance must be paid at the latest 10 DAYS before the scheduled charter date.
    No refunds will be made for clients who fail to show up for the booked charter.
    No refunds will be made for late arrivals, however the boat(s) will remain available for use up to the
    scheduled end time of the arranged charter, subject to any alternative itinerary as may be necessary during
    the remaining time available.
    Changes requested up to 15 DAYS prior to departure will be arranged subject to availability only.
    In the event of cancellations or changes made by Sunset Boats Ibiza due to unsafe weather conditions or
    due to any other reason within or beyond the control of the company, like: mechanical issues with the boats,
    Sunset Boats Ibiza will make every effort to reschedule an alternative charter / similar boat, itinerary within
    the period the client remains in Ibiza If no reasonable alternative time is acceptable, Sunset Boats will offer a
    full refund of monies paid at the discretion of the company. Any refund is strictly limited to any monies paid
    to date only and no other compensation payment will be considered for any reason.

    12. Health & Safety

    Sunset Boats Ibiza has the authority to cancel the charter with no refund if the clients do not comply with
    the companies regulations this also includes if they do not listen to the authorised captains during the
    cruise. If in any way the safety of our clients and staff members is at risk then Sunset Boats has the right to
    take the necessary legal procedures.

    13. Bookings from external companies

    All bookings made by external companies such as: Hotels, charters companies, concierges, etc, must inform
    their clients regarding our services, products & T & C. Sunset Boats Ibiza takes no responsibility for any
    incorrect information given by any external businesses.
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