Let the night kick off and make your entrance in style been dropped off in the exclusive pier next to the venue and then have a amazing dinner at Cafe Mambo. We will come and pick you up and later on take you back to your accommodation.


Around 18h we pick you up at your hotel, Vila. 

18:30 to 21h30* 

Get ready for the best sunsets you will ever see in Europe if not the world on board of the most classiest boats in Sant Antony…. 

INCLUDED ON BOARD: Captain, fuel, tax & Welcome Drink (cava)

 22:00h - 22:30h Dinner after sunset in the iconic Café Mambo where you will enjoy the best prep-arty and DJ Sets.**

* Schedule will be according to Sunset Timings

**Price: Price is 165€ per person (from 6 up to 10 people)

**Time of booking in Cafe Mambo may vary depending on the season and will always depend on availability. (Meal to choose a la carte covered up to a value of 60€ per person).

mambo sunset experience pdf  



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