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Considered the Caribbean of the Balearic Islands, Formentera is the smallest of Spain´s Balearic Islands as it is only 20 km long. Formentera, it is located at 6 kilometres south of Ibiza in the Mediterranean Sea and it is comprised of various major villages such as Sant Francesc Xavier and Sant Ferran de ses Roques.  

Even though the island is not as big and lively as its neighbour, Ibiza, its history is very vast and rich as scientists discovered that the first island settlements started in the Bronze Age. After a period when the island was completely abandoned, it became a land of conquest for different civilisations such as Romans and Visigoths. The Romans named  the island  Frumentaria which means wheat as it was the main characteristic of the island. Before the movement of hippies that helped raise awareness of this beautiful place and the growth of tourism industry, Formentera sustained its economy through traditional activities such as fishing, cattle breeding and cultivation of land.  

Nowadays, Formentera is a destination for tourists who prefer more tranquil destinations with perfectly white sandy beaches and azure seas. The island is also well known as an exclusive holiday location for celebrities such as Beyonce, Eva Longoria, Leonardo DiCaprio, Naomi Campbell and many more. The spectacular marine life, the long stretches of beach, the clear blue water and natural, traditional food makes Formentera the perfect destination for a day-trip cruise. 

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